About the PFF 2016

The forum also identified challenges and we rearticulated a shared vision, shared strategies, built new and strengthened old alliances and further defined our shared politics.

The Pacific Feminist Forum served as a central location to Pacific feminist activists who are often unable to meet with and draw inspiration from each other’s perspectives, energies and experiences due to lack of opportunity.

The challenge is the geographical divide and socio-economic realities of 22 developing island states. Pacific feminism faces a unique hardship of continuous engagement and solidified efforts as access to resources are scarce, with islands so distant, making physical solidarity difficult, but also an isolation of feminists separated by the world’s largest ocean.

The Pacific feminist movement therefore is one going against the current, as advocates and activists forge through the vast Pacific territory to consolidate works and push a Pacific development agenda to the forefront of global progress plans.

The creation of the Charter of Pacific Feminist Principles was a key outcome of the PFF and set out collective principles that will guide our work as feminists within the region.